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Yoga-Meditation course

  Chanting, Mantras

We will see particularly on this day,  the  sound and mantras in yogic practice.

What is a mantra and what is it for. how a sound  becomes a mantra?


In the tradition of Yoga, the sacred text of Yogis: The Yoga-Sutras  of  Patanjali are sung.

We will discuss Vedic chanting and its  principles through the text of the Yoga-sutras.

By simple exercises,  we will learn about these thousand-year-old techniques. We will travel in different sensations and experiences.

For any questions related to the internship, do not hesitate to contact me.


During the course, bring your usual practice mat, your cushion and/or meditation bench, a small cushion or wedge to put under your head if necessary, a blanket for meditation or relaxation times.


Lunch is traditionally convivial and shared between us, bring a bottle of water for you and/or any other drink of your choice.

Contact and Reservations: 06 78 30 81 96


Prices: 25€ for half a day

40€ the full day

French and English speaking.

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