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Yoga courses, cooking and recipes' technics, ceramics

Yoga courses for Zen, cooking workshops and culinary techniques for gourmands and ceramic course for creatives in Charente Limousine, near lakes of Haute-Charente for nature lovers.

Cours de yoga
Pose de Yoga
photo tour
Pêche Homme

Non-contractual photo

Half-day Yoga retreat

Yoga-meditation and breathing Workshop, on request: 3h morning or afternoon




Individual: € 100

Group 2 to 5 people: € 60 / person

Group of more than 5 people: quote on request

Half-day Pottery Course

Ceramics workshop: 2 to 3 hours morning or afternoon




Individual: child 2 hours (under 12) € 35

adult 3 hours 70 €

Group of 2 to 6 people, 3 hours: 40 € / pers


Family package on request.

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