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Unitary Reiki training

"Reiki makes it possible to heal or relieve our different bodies: physical, psychic  and spiritual; from U.S  center and us  connect  to heaven and earth; to pacify the mind; to embellish  and optimize our relationships; to free ourselves from our addictions; to release our most buried and suffering memories; to develop our subtle capacities and, constantly, to raise  our capacities of conscience and love... in particular." Cyrille Odon

Unitary Reiki Master Training

  5 full days. Arrival the evening before and departure in the morning of the 6th day after breakfast.

"We offer a Unitary Reiki, traditional and originating from Shamballa which brings together Usui Reiki, Multidimensional Reiki from Shamballa and certain Karuna techniques. It was received by Sélène and Cyrille Odon. And will be broadcast in full.

Unitary Reiki offers an initiation to 26 symbols.

This training is concentrated on 5 intensive days. The booklet of the "Master in Unitary Reiki" containing the complete course of this training and all the concepts provided, allows the practitioner to reinforce his practice as much as necessary.

You will learn how to welcome the people who come to consult you. Practice sessions will follow each of the initiations.

It goes without saying that at the end of this training, it will be up to you to diligently practice the initiations that you will have received in order to acquire their mastery. And only then can you use the title of Master.

This training has the particularity that you receive everything in one block. There is no cut. It follows a homogeneity and a very special coherence to this teaching. It will be your responsibility to make good use of it and to deepen it until you have mastered it. Then in your turn, perhaps one day, I wish you, you too will be led to transmit this same teaching in its entirety.


In order to respect an ethical, responsible and reliable practice and transmission, a code of ethics

will be offered to you, authorizing the issuance of the Master Teacher diploma in Unitarian Reiki.


- know the concepts and techniques for using the life and health energies of Reiki to heal and relieve.

- to have received the fundamental initiations allowing to activate the Merkabah fields and to use 26 symbols to dispense care.

- engage in a deep process of personal achievement.

- receive and use Reiki for oneself, for others and for the planet.

- train and initiate other practitioners in Unitary Reiki as desired.

Rates and conditions:

Whether you are a beginner, a practitioner or a Reiki teacher, the training is offered to you over five days, so that it is harmonized for the entire group of participants. A master practitioner-teacher diploma and a complete file will be sent to each and everyone at the end of the workshop.

Cost of the training 750€/pers for the 5 days.

Accommodation and catering on site at an additional cost.

  • Accommodation 6 nights in a double or triple room, plus full board: €395/pers

  • Single room supplement 20€/day

  • Towels in supplement: 7€/pers

  • Half board 5 meals: 75€

Maximum staff of 6 people.

Possibility of receiving this training on other dates subject to availability, ask me.

Contact me for any additional information on 06 78 30 81 96.

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