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Dharmic Astrology

Birth and annual chart, life path, astrological consultation in Charente

Coronavirus: Current sanitary conditions require an immediate closure of the consulting room. However, individual support, consultations on natal and annual themes on skype are maintained.

Why do our birth chart by an astrologer? Simply because it allows us to answer these questions:

What energies did we receive at the time of our birth?

What are our gifts and obstacles?

What have we come to live and achieve on this Earth?

Dharmic Astrology

Study of the Natal Theme

Solar Revolution

Way of Life

Fundamental Wound Studies

Individual support

Make sense of the events of our life using the astrological tool.

Dharmic Astrology

Dharmic Astrology takes root in Tibetan Astrology. Here, the study of the birth chart, also called birth chart, will allow us to understand the beauty, the coherence of all the energies present at the time of our birth. These energies will guide us throughout our life until our realization or not.

When we are born, no instructions or instructions for use accompany us. Advances in science mean that we have some idea of ​​our internal organs, how it works and what our body is made of, but for the rest ... even physically, we don't know the color of our eyes, shall we be big, small, are we good at math, languages, travel, crafts, art, sports, etc. We have no idea. Are we going to be a pork butcher, gardener, politician, doctor or postman ... it's a mystery.

However, in ancient traditions, it is a principle that everything below is in the image, of what is above and live and vice versa. Also if we study what is above, the sky ("Macrocosm"), and if we understand and study the aspects and forces involved, we will then understand by reflection what is happening below on Earth (the "Microcosm") .

We are all unique. There is only one person who was born at the place, time and date specified. This means that we carry a unique energy, the reflection of which reads in the mapping of the sky of our birth. Reading the aspects and positions of the stars thus indicates the energies that characterize us at the time of our birth.

The sky, in astrology, is composed of 12 zodiac energies which therefore by reflection, also compose us.

Only these 12 energies are not all active in us in the same way. Some are inhibited, others active in excess, still others may be partially active or balanced.

The theme will therefore give us a map of the veils of energies at our birth.

But we are not our theme, since we have had a number of experiences since then, which makes us what we are now.

We will speak of "karmic" energy or energy mastered in "past lives", which may have been our center of excellence at some point, except that in this life, this energy has become preponderant at the expense of all others. There is a kind of crystallization of this energy in our life. Therefore, the exclusive use of this energy in everyday life, causes inadequacies, difficulties, suffering which will at some point become unbearable and which will cause us to stop to question ourselves ... or not.

This is where an energy shift can take place in us. The energy which will bring us out of this Karmic crystallization is Dharmic energy or "Dharma".

It thus corresponds to the energy that we will have to develop to evolve in this life towards our own realization.

The passage from Karma to Dharma, then defines what one can call his Way of Life : the passage from one energy to another allowing him to evolve towards the realization of his own nature or his awakening.

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