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système solaire

Dharmic Astrology

Both astrologer and astrotherapist, I offer the study of your birth chart, annual chart and life path as well as the study of your fundamental injuries.

Consultations are done in Paris or Roussines (16310) by appointment only.

Make an appointment at least 15 days before.


Natal chart

Cartography of the sky at the time of your birth, the theme makes it possible to determine the energies present at your birth. Energies that are available and accessible to us spontaneously, those that are partially or completely veiled from us, as well as those that we overexploit to the detriment of others.

The theme will allow you to see and understand with what energies you came into the world, what are your gifts, facilities, what are the tools you have in life, what are the energies that you specifically came to experience in this life- this.

The theme will also allow you to see what are your shortcomings, your obstacles and why.

You will also discover the beauty of the coherence of all these energies present and the accuracy of everything you go through.

Restitution of the theme: 2h

Price: 150€


Study of Fundamental Injuries

Study of The Black Moon:

The fundamental wounds correspond to what are also called the motors of Incarnation. These are wounds that generate deep suffering at all levels. Thanks to them, we are looking for a solution to get out of these suffering and repetitive states. As a result, they are the catalysts of our evolution, of our external and then internal research. Thanks to them we grow, and we get closer to our path of life and our realization.

Understanding the principle of these wounds (what they correspond to and making sense of the why of these wounds) makes it possible to transcend its effects and realize within us the qualities and energies corresponding to these wounds at every moment.

1h30 session

Price: 130€


Solar Revolution or Annual Theme

The Solar Revolution corresponds to the return of the Sun to its birth position, ie to the same Zodiacal degree as at the time of the native's birth.

At this moment there, an energy opening takes place for the latter. It is a bit as if the person were born again with a new supply of energies corresponding to the chart of the sky of the day of his birthday of the current year.

This new energy will resonate with his birth energy for a year until the next birthday.

There follows the momentary and exceptional possibility of experimenting with new energies over a year.

A particular energy will be predominant, this is called "the Ascendant of the year".

Understanding and being aware of this annual energy, allows us to really be the actor of our life instead of passively undergoing it.


Session: 1h45.

Price: 150€


way of life

The study of the life path makes it possible to become aware of the energies present and to understand why we reproduce the same patterns without being able to get out of them. In reality out of the 12 zodiacal energies we essentially use one. This energy takes up so much space that it no longer allows you to see all the others and therefore to use in an appropriate way the adequate energy corresponding to a particular situation. Also we apply an erroneous mode of operation in relation to the present situation, this generating conflicting, painful and suffering situations.

The path of life corresponds to the journey that will have to be made to achieve the energy that will allow us  to finally access all the zodiacal energies and therefore awaken to our own nature.

Session: 1h30

Price: 130€

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