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Yoga-Meditation course

The Base and the Anchor 

This course will allow you to experiment, to feel, to live what is a Base, a Base, a Seat. You will have the opportunity to realize that in order to be solid, to have a good anchoring and to succeed in weathering all the storms that life throws at us, the ability to settle down, to stop and to live the moment, is essential.


The practice of postures, breathing techniques and concentration lead to a calming of the mind, calm and serenity. The calm mind, it becomes a mirror, it is the beginning of meditation, the realization that there is a center and a periphery. Staying in the center is like being at the center of a wheel: no longer being shaken, disturbed and affected by the external environment. To be stable and unstoppable no matter what happens around us.

Come join us and experience, feel, discover another vision of yourself.


For any questions related to the internship, do not hesitate to contact me.


During the course, bring your usual practice mat, your cushion or/and meditation bench, a small cushion or wedge to put under your head if necessary, a blanket for meditation or relaxation times.


Lunch is traditionally convivial and shared between us, bring a bottle of water for you and/or any other drink of your choice.


Rugs and cushions are available if needed.

Contact and Reservations: 06 78 30 81 96


Prices: 25€ for half a day

40€ the full day

French and English speaking.

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