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Yoga-Meditation course

Relaxation, Relaxation, Yoga-Sutra II, 46

How to access relaxation, muscle relaxation, how to soothe the mind. Meditation why and how? How to reduce stress and its effects. How to stop being overwhelmed by your emotions.

Internship where Relaxation and Relaxation will be successively developed through postures, meditation and Pranayama or breathing techniques.

All the techniques used will allow you to become aware of your own functioning, your breathing and the tensions present.

It is impossible to  to modify  a situation if we have not taken notice of what is at stake  Actually. Only awareness of the mechanism under consideration  allows you to intervene in the process and take a particular appropriate action. 

In order not to reproduce the same result, it is necessary to change the cause.

The 1st step is to become aware of the starting state, where we are starting from, what is the current situation.

The 2nd step will be to understand what  generates the result. It is therefore essential and essential.

The 3rd step will be to determine the tools and means to modify the current state.

The last step is to apply the chosen solution and  experience the practice and its effects.

The day will end with a meditative yogic practice.

All level course

9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m./2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Hall of the Town Hall 

16310 Roussines

Prices: 25€ half day / 40€ full day


During the course, bring your usual practice mat, your cushion and/or meditation bench, a small cushion or wedge to put under your head if necessary, a blanket for meditation or relaxation times.

Cushions and mats will be available if needed.

Lunch is traditionally friendly. Everyone brings a dish, +/- dessert to share, bring a bottle of water for you and/or any other drink of your choice if you wish.


Contact and Reservations: 06 78 30 81 96


Prices: 25€ for half a day

40€ the full day

French and English speaking.

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