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Who am I

Isabelle Denelle

Isabelle Denelle: Yoga teacher, yogotherapist, astrologer, astrotherapist, wellness practitioner.

After several years of expatriation, I decided to settle in Charente on the edge of the Dordogne and the Haute-Vienne in the middle of trees, ponds and meadows. A return to basics and to basics.

My way is simple. After a serious accident, my life changed radically. By the door of Yogatherapy, by a practice of asanas and assiduous meditation for 6 years, I rebuilt myself. I then started training as a Yoga Teacher which I continued with that of a Yogatherapist , all for 7 years until certification, knowing that my training will not stop until my last breath. Along the way, I trained as a Reiki Master .


This completed, I trained in Wellness Massage and Plantar Reflexology for a year. To return to my childhood "hobby": Astrology . Being already in a path of accompaniment by yogotherapy , I chose an Astrotherapy training, Astrology training coupled with a Therapist training or how to accompany a person with the Astrological tool and this, over 3 years.


All these disciplines are endless. They get richer and develop continuously. It is a real pleasure to be able to share them and transmit them.


Why all this?

Simply because, at the age of 36, I went out of the emergency room on a wheelchair with the phrase: "Good luck, madam, all you have to do is knit baby clothes". The shock was huge.

The rage, the energy of anger allowed me to find the energy necessary to fight and practice daily without missing a day. I thus discovered the power and the richness which there was behind the practice of Yoga. When I had no more hope, no more exit door, here I am now and I transmit.


So yes, if by my example, my yogic and meditative practice, I can help someone as I could be, that is to find a functional physical body, a more stable emotional body and a more physiological body balanced, I accomplished my mission.

When I open my door and I see the eyes of a pupil shining, his smile which crosses his whole face with this sentence: "I finally sleep" or "I don't hurt anymore, finally!" 'ask no more, my heart is in joy, life is beautiful.


After 30 minutes or 1 hour of massage, when the person stands up to get up with a relaxed, almost wrinkle-free face, the eyes of a child who comes out of his nap with spontaneous innocence, there is nothing more beautiful .


And when a person puts meaning into events, the difficulties not to say the trials that he goes through in his life and that he welcomes and looks at his life in a different light, thanks to Astrology, it is Magic!



My Training and Certifications:


  • Yoga Teacher Training: Bernard Bouanchaud 4 years

  • Yoga therapy training: Bernard Bouanchaud and Dr Natesan Chandrasekaran, 3 years 

  • Reiki Master

  • Wellness Massage Training, EFM Dijon, 1 year, certified 2012

  • Astrologer / Astrotherapy training, EFAT Nantes, 3 years, certified 2015

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